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I browsed reddit and played gtav all day I literally didn’t leave my bedroom life is so amazing and eventful and full of wonder„„,


me:*fails a quiz*                                                                                                 drake: i’m just sayin you could do better                                                           me:*studies harder graduates valedictorian and cures cancer*

The Costume Design of Stoker (2013)

The saddle shoes are representative of innocence and youth while the high heels are symbolic to the change taking place in India. For Director Park, those shoes needed to be representative of becoming a predator.

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this just made my night

This made mine toooooo lmaooo

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iOS 8 can suck my fatty

“My dad could beat up your dad!” one would say, “Oh yeah, well my dad makes more money than your dad and could hire a wrestler to beat up yours!”

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Happy 413 everyone!

Stay classy Andrew Hussie! 

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